" 'Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows' this quote could not encapsulate the true meaning of yoga therapy more. When I first started, I went into it with an open mind and bought into everything Bridgett was teaching. I began to see the positive changes in my life. I struggled with GERD and with yoga therapy I was able to cure most of it to where it is almost completely gone. Working with Bridgett has been great. Her energy brings so much care, support, and patience. I highly recommend her!" - Danny

"I’m so happy with the personal growth that I experienced throughout my time working with Bridgett. My favorite part was being able to set my intention for my yoga practices and could change it at any time. Bridgett is passionate and empathetic, she will meet you where you’re at. She is really friendly and has an amazing energy. I enjoyed working with her!" - Monet

"When I first started yoga therapy with Bridgett I was very hesitant and not open to change. It wasn’t until a couple weeks in when things started changing in a positive way that I started to believe in the process. I was in a transitionary period in my life where I was switching from one job to a new career. This was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce a new life changing way of life like yoga. My life has gone from anxiety ridden to relaxing in a matter of months because of my belief in the practice and myself. 

Every time I get together with Bridgett it’s a wonderful experience from learning new techniques for my practice to just talking about life and understanding the ebbs and flows of my new path. There is always something to work and improve on but I take that as a positive vs. thinking that I’ll never master what I am doing. I have constant back issues and would be bed ridden for days at a time when it would flare up. Now I suffer for maybe a couple days’ worth of pain and I am back on my feet in what feels like hours. I’ve learned how to deal with my bodies’ issues and at the same time I have started to listen more to its’ needs. Although I have a long way to go in my practice, I am excited for the journey and love having yoga in my life. I went from a skeptic to a believer with the right guidance and self-discipline. You’re capable of a relaxing and meaningful life, you just need a little nudge in the right direction."

- Christopher P.

"I am completely amazed how Bridgett’s knowledge and delivery has helped me on my journey getting into Yoga Therapy. Her calming and intuitive approach really help to personalize the practice. This is definitely her calling and I’m so grateful to be a part of it." - Joni 

"Today, I reflect on my time doing yoga therapy with Bridgett. It had been a few years since I practiced yoga and Bridgett helped me refocus on the practice. She also gave helpful insight into how the practice translates to daily life, ie work life. I have been able to get my physical anxiety symptoms under control with the help of Bridgett’s guidance. Overall, I am pleased with what I learned through Bridgett’s teachings." - Tyler C.